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2008 STEVE VAI - DISCOGRAPHY (Rapidshare - Megaupload)

The “EVO Premium Experience” is an exclusive and very special opportunity we are offering to our loyal visitors. The “EVO Premium Experience” was a huge success on the 2005 Real Illusions Tour and garnered countless rave reviews from fans. Now we are bringing EVO back for 2007! The package allows you the exciting opportunity to see Steve and the band prepare for a show; along with the ability to ask Steve questions in an intimate group discussion. Availability is VERY limited for each show - so be aware that they will sell quickly once we put them on sale.

An Interview exclusive with Steve Vai (CD):

  1. Interview introduction

  2. Album Discussion

  3. Building the church interview

  4. Upanishads

  5. Dying for your love interview

  6. Glorius interview

  7. K'M-PEE-DU-WEE interview

  8. Firewall interview

  9. Freak show excess interview

  10. Lotus feet interview

  11. Yai Yai interview

  12. Midway creatures interview

  13. I'm your secrets interview

  14. Under it all interview

  15. Boogie man interview

  16. The boogie man

  17. Album artwork discussion

  18. The "EVO PREMIUM"


Steve Vai with the Metropole Orchestra

1. Intro2. Kill The Guy With The Ball/ The God Eaters3. Liberty4. Frangelica Parte 1 & 25. Lotus Feet 16. Lotus Feet 27. Bledsoe BLVB8. Answers


1. Intro2. Gentle Ways3. The Murder4. I\'m Becoming / Salamanders In The Sun5. For The Love Of God6. Talking7. The Attitude Song

Parte 1:

Parte 2:
Steve Vai

Monsters Of Rock 90 http://rapidshare./com/files/9343055/Monsters_Of_Rock__90__Disc_1_.rar Flex-Able

01. Little Green Man02. Viv Woman03. Lovers Are Crazy04. Salamanders In The Sun05. The Boy/Girl Song06. The Attitude Song07. Call It Sleep08. Junkie09. Bill's Private Parts10. Next Stop Earth11. There's Something Dead In Here12. So Happy13. Bledsoe Bluvd14. Burnin' Down The Mountain15. Chronic Insomnia

(1993) Sex & Religion

01. An Earth Dweller's Return02. Here & Now03. In My Dreams With You04. Still My Bleeding Heart05. Sex & Religion06. Dirty Black Hole07. Touching Tongues08. State Of Grace09. Survive10. Pig11. The Road To Mt. Calvary12. Down Deep Into The Pain13. Rescue Me Or Bury Me

(1995) Alien Love Secrets

01. Bad Horsie02. Juice03. Die To Live04. The Boy From Seattle05. Ya-Yo Gakk06. Kill The Guy With The Ball/The God Eaters07. Tender Surrender

(1998) Flex-Able Leftovers0

1. #?@! Yourself02. So Happy03. Bledsoe Bluvd04. Natural Born Boy05. Details At 1006. Massacre07. Burnin' Down The Mountain08. Little Pieces Of Seaweed09. San Sebastian10. Beast Of Love, The11. You Didn't Break It12. The X-Equilibrium Dance13. Chronic Insomnia

(1999) The Ultra Zone

01. The Blood & Tears02. The Ultra Zone03. 000004. Frank05. Jibboom06. Voodoo Acid07. Windows To The Soul08. The Silent Within09. I'll Be Around10. Lucky Charms11. Fever Dream12. Here I Am13. Asian Sky

(2000) The 7th Song - Enchanting Guitar Melodies - Archives Vol. 1

01. For the Love of God02. Touching Tongues03. Windows to the Soul04. Burnin' Down the Mountain05. Tender Surrender06. Hand on Heart07. Melissa's Garden08. Call It Sleep09. Christmas Time Is Here10. Wall of Light11. Boston Rain Melody

(2001) Alive In An Ultra WorldDisc 1

01. Giant Balls Of Gold02. Burning Rain03. The Black Forest04. Alive In An Ultra World05. Devil's Food06. Blood And Glory07. Whispering A Prayer08. Iberian Jewel

Disc 2

01. The Power Of Bombos02. Incantation03. Light Of The Moon04. Babushka05. Being With You (In Paris)06. Principessa07. Brandos Costumes (Gentle Ways)

(2002) The Elusive Light And Sound Vol. 1

01. Celluloid Heroes 6:1802. Love Blood 4:4903. Fried Chicken 2:2904. Butler's Bag 1:0705. Head-Cuttin' Duel 4:4206. Eugene's Trick Bag 2:2807. Amazing Grace 1:5208. Louisiana Swamp Skank 3:1509. Air Guitar Hell 0:4010. The Reaper 3:2511. Introducing the Wylde Stallions 0:4512. Girls Mature Faster Than Guys 0:1313. The Battle 2:2514. Meet the Reaper 0:4015. Final Guitar Solo 1:3516. The Reaper Rap 5:4617. Drive the Hell out of Here 1:2818. Get the Hell out of Here 3:5319. Welcome Pre-Frosh 0:4820. The Dark Hallway 1:0721. The Dead Band Ends 0:5622. The Cause Heads 1:1823. Find the Meat 0:2524. The Ax Will Fall 0:3925. Now We Run (Cue) 0:4426. Hey Jack 0:2127. Wha 0:0828. Still Running 0:2829. Dead Heads 3:1230. Blow Me Where the Pampers Is 0:5531. Pins and Needles 0:2432. Plug My Ass In 0:4433. Loose Keg Sightings 0:2134. Don't Sweat It 0:3735. How Hidge 0:4436. Beer Beer 0:1937. We're Not Gonna Protest 1:5338. Initiation 0:1639. See Ya Next Year 0:5140. Now We Run 3:46

(2005) Real Illusions: Reflections

01. Building The Church02. Dying For Your Love03. Glorious04. Kim-Pee-Du-We05. Firewall06. Freak Show Excess07. Lotus Feet08. Yai Yai09. Midway Creatures10. I'm Your Secrets11. Under It All

¤ The Infinite Steve Vai - An Anthology ¤

Disc 1

1. Liberty2. Die To Live3. The Attitude Song4. Salamanders In The Sun5. The Animal6. The Riddle7. For The Love Of God8. Bangkok9. Fire Garden Suite: Bull Whip, Pusa Poad, Angel Food, Taurus Bulba10. Ya-Yo Cakk11. Blue Powder12. Bad Horsie13. Tender Surrender14. All About Eve15. Dyin' Day16. The Blood & Tears17. The Silent Within

Disc 2

1. Feathers2. Frank3. Boston Rain Melody4. Kittens Got Claws5. Lighter Shade Of Green6. Giant Balls Of Gold7. Whispering A Prayer8. Jibboom9. Windows To The Soul10. Brandos Costumes (Gentle Ways)11. The Reaper12. Christmas Time Is Here13. Essence14. Rescue Me Or Bury Me15. Burnin' Down The Mountain



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